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Double Bubble Balloons

Double Bubble balloons

Click on the image and have a look through a few of our Double Bubble balloon designs and colour. There are many more images available on our facebook page.

Our website has a small selection of images of our work. To see more of our work have a look at our social media sites

16" Double Bubble Balloons.

Large 16" double bubble balloons make fun toppers for any bouquet and create lots of interest. There are several printed designs available along with the classic clear. Alternatively, have a bouquet made entirely of our big 16" double bubbles.

11" Double Bubble Balloons.

11" double bubble balloons are versatile enough to use in bouquets and on string of pearl arches. We have various printed designs available.

What is Available?

Take advantage of our free consultation with Michelle at our office showroom in central Ipswich for some balloon inspiration and help to finalise your balloon decor.