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Foil Balloons for Occasions

Foil Balloons for Occasions

Click on the image and have a look through a few of our Foil balloon designs and colour. There are many more images available on our facebook page.

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Classic balloon bouquets are ideal for table centrepieces as well as floorstanding. Simple staggered table bouquets are normally 3 balloons and staggered floor bouquest with 5 balloons.

Bouquets types

Staggered bouquets are tall & thin which are ideal for smaller spaces.

Tiered bouquets have more volume with balloons layered tightly on top of each other for a larger bouquet ideal for larger spaces and high ceilings.

Foil bouquets can give a different feel and are ideal for a sophisticated evening event or party

What Occasions.

There are balloons for most occasions including Happy Retirement, Good Luck, Congratulations, Get Well Soon, Hen Night, Just Married, Happy Mothers and Father's Day, Christening, Baby Show, Christmas, Birthdays and many more.